PlayerXtreme Apple TV app is a powerful streaming multimedia center for your living room!

PlayerXtreme Apple TV app is a powerful streaming multimedia center for your living room!

Xtreme media works kept up the pace to add more to the app world to make the user experience better. The company is known for its flagship brand PlayerXtreme Media Player. Today, Xtreme Media Works has released its highly anticipated application PlayerXtreme Apple TV which makes the app officially available on the Apple TV for the first time. This app has mastered its features and performance to become one of the best media players to be added to the current application fleet of PlayerXtreme.

Prominent Features:


Xtreme Media Works has already announced to have been working on updates with advanced features. The app has been designed for the new Apple TV and it is an amalgamation of sleek design, convenient interface and smooth functionality. The large film posters populate the screen reminiscent of the iTunes Store and new Apple TV App makes it easy to navigate around.


The user interface is very intuitive, sleek, very quick and easy to use. All the movies, TV shows, music and photo collections are elegantly organized and streamed to the big screen through PlayerXtreme Apple TV app for a perfect Mini cinema experience. It allows the users to play more than 50 media format including MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV.


The app came up with silky-smooth 1080p playback with integrated Dolby® Digital Plus surround sound that makes the movie experience better.


The users can easily browse and play all the videos from their MAC, PC, FTP, UPNP server, NAS drive or HTTP link without syncing anything. PlayerXtreme offers the facility to the users that they can easily add their videos from other apps as well. 


Users can easily search and select best meta that describes your movie file. Fetching poster images, cover art and other details from online sources ( It gives the entire subtitle control in the user’s possession so that the user can bring subtitles of their own or add subtitles in seconds with free and one-click subtitle downloads. With PlayerXtreme Apple TV App, the users are one step away from turning their living rooms into a mini-theater.

In-App features:


PlayerXtreme comes with all basic Apple TV video playback, browse features free. Besides, you can get premium features as mentioned below:

– Advanced video playback features:

PlayerXtreme Apple TV app comes up with 1080p playback to enhance the movie/video experience of the users.

– Download subtitle of your choice:

With PlayerXtreme, the users can download subtitles of their choice by one-click.

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PlayerXtreme Apple TV Basic

PlayerXtreme Apple TV Pro

PlayerXtreme was at 36th GITEX Exhibition (16th – 20th) Oct at World Trade Center Dubai, UAE

We are happy to announce the participation of our product ‘PlayerXtreme’- in GITEX 2016 Startup movement, one of the best and largest technology exhibition held at Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates.

Held on: 16-20, October 2016
Venue: Dubai world trade center New Zabeel Hall, Stand No = SU-254


The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition or GITEX helps  entrepreneurs from 35+ countries to share their success, secure funding and find a way in the technological market by connecting 400+ investors. GITEX is making a way to bringing together 146,000 professionals from around the globe for a week so that people can easily learn about the latest advancements and trends in technology. We see GITEX as a perfect opportunity to showcase our ideas in front of the huge technology evangelist, investors, VCs and most importantly, our users.


Visit our booth for an exclusive demonstration of upcoming updates and exciting new apps. The team is coming over prepared, to give its visitors an exclusive special sneak peak into upcoming AppleTV app of PlayerXtreme. Our visitors can also glimpse into the upcoming all new Android update. The event gives us a tremendous opportunity to connect with our customer and see how they react to the future updates and apps. This event is one-of-a-kind technology event that attracts software developers, technological professionals, consumers, and students to become an audience and have human interactions with products and services we like.

Excited to meet our visitors!

PlayerXtreme version 6.3 has arrived

PlayerXtreme version 6.3 has arrived

Xtreme media works has released the latest version of its flagship app PlayerXtreme Media Player and you are just a step away from the latest features of the best media player app. You can update your PlayerXtreme media player now and enjoy all now features added for your convenience.

What’s new with v6.3?



Wav File Support

Wav Audio File Format is a standard for storing an audio bitstream on devices. PlayerXtreme V6.3 is compatible to play WAV files along with 40 other audio/video formats including 3gp, asf, avi, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, webm, wm, wmv.

Unlimited Webpage Transfer:

The users can enjoy unlimited storage space to transfer files through simple drag and drop media files including audio, video, movies, music and image files.

How to perform unlimited transfer:

Step 1: Click on the Wifi option in the menu and copy the IP from the popup



Step 2: Paste the IP in the search bar of your PC’s Web Browser and drag a file of your choosing to this page for establishing a transfer



Step 3: The transfer has been completed



Shuffle play:

Shuffle play is a mode of music/movie playback in which songs/videos are played in a randomized order that is decided upon for all tracks at once. Shuffle playback prevents repeated tracks, which makes it distinct from random playback, in which the next track is chosen at random after the last track has ended.


Repeat Play:

Repeat play is a mode of audio/video playback in which songs/videos are played repeatedly. In PlayerXtreme v6.3, the user can repeat a track once or put it to forever repeat.





What’s New in PlayerXtreme 6.2 (beefy new update!)

What’s New in PlayerXtreme 6.2 (beefy new update!)

You’re just a swipe away from the latest and improved version of PlayerXtreme for iOS. Update your PlayerXtreme media player now and enjoy the changes made for your convenience.

What’s new with v6.2?

  • Plays ALL video formats to Chromecast

PlayerXtreme no chromecast all media formats

Want to watch your favorite movies on big screen? Not to worry, just chrome cast your most liked videos, movies and even through online streams with better support for all video formats.

  • File transfer was never so EASY!

Transferring files cannot get any easier than this. It is a simple 3 Step Process.

1.) Type the wifi URL into the browser of your laptop/PC. It will open up the Wifi web page screen like below.
2.) Browse to any location on your PC/laptop with files you wish to transfer. Drag the file to upload part of the Wifi web page. Alternatively, you can click to browse the file path as well.
3.) The file is instantly transferred into your library of your device(iPhone/iPad).

All new web server file transfer interface


  • Now Stream or Play video/audio direct from other iPhone or iPad

You can now access Video/Audio content from any other iOS device with playerXtreme app installed. PlayerXtreme . makes sharing/streaming audio video across iOS devices possible over the same network directly. Just choose a device and explore its library to play movies, videos and music. You can connect iPad to iPad, iPad to iPhone and iPhone to iPhone.



  • And That’s not All!

Some other iOS improvements include:

  • Improved video playback [enhanced performance and better error handling]
  • Improved and user-friendly network (SMB/FTP) authentication.
  • Improved image cache performance
  • Enhanced network connectivity handling
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

These are some of the modifications and improvements which will allow our users to move through PlayerXtreme more conveniently. For more details, you can always contact our support team and if you want some features to be added, we are always open to suggestions and will try to work on them as our users are precious to us.

PlayerXtreme for Android – Now Available!

PlayerXtreme for Android – Now Available!

After getting a staggering 7 million downloads following its launch on iTunes, the time we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! PlayerXtreme Media Player for Android – The best player of movies, videos, music & streaming has truly owned its’ motto and has proven to be the best media player app in the market.

Powered by Xtreme Media Works, this app has taken everyone by storm! A particular feature of this app that made it so popular was that it didn’t require the long and mind numbing process of file conversion before playing! A large proportion of the audience really seemed to hit it off with this Direct Play feature. After all, more than 40 formats are supported by the app!

Well, after shaking up the App Store, it’s finally launching on Android as well! Now the other half of the world can enjoy PlayerXtreme’s awesome features too. This app will provide instant access to the following features, just to name a few:

  • It supports all popular formats of subtitles, closed captions (CC), SRT, SMI, TXT etc.
  • Download subtitles from within the app
  • Playback feature powered by Hardware produces vibrant videos and sharper sound
  • Direct streaming from your PC, NAS or websites
  • Chrome Cast. Stream movies to your TV
  • Power options like multiple audio tracks, video clipping, taking screenshots, A/V syncing etc.

Another really cool feature is the Library Organization; you not only manage your audio, video, and picture files but can customize it by using artwork of your choice! Personalization of apps really helps make it your own. Not only this, you can choose to secure your library by setting a password to keep anyone from accessing your files.

And what’s the oomph in a one man party? Share it with all your friends on social media. Discover and enjoy even more content together!

As if this wasn’t enough, PlayerXtreme has unlimited storage! You can stream as much as you have on your Android phone/ device or server without compromising quality or performance. You can even open it with other apps and play videos from other apps in Android.

App store stats show a 5 star ranking for more than 90% of the users. It’s not surprising since PlayerXtreme has made it so easy to listen to songs, watch movies and basically access any form of entertainment on the go!

PlayerXtreme is best suited for today’s lifestyle. People need an app which they can rely on when they hurry out of the house, or when they’re on a long commute back home after a hard day’s work. All they need to do is plug in their earphones and press the play button. Get ready to unwind without having to worry about whether a certain song will play or not. Chances are the file you have on your Android is compatible with the 40 plus formats the app supports! When you’re in a more private place, feel free to boost the volume up to 3x times higher and throw away those earplugs! PlayerXtreme caters to all your needs. It is very well thought out and excellently executed. So Android users, get ready for an ‘XtremeXperience’ with PlayerXtreme Media Player!

PlayerXtreme iOS v6.0.5 add Chrome Cast, Slideshow, Repeat/Shuffle and more…

PlayerXtreme iOS v6.0.5 add Chrome Cast, Slideshow, Repeat/Shuffle and more…

The most awaited update of PlayerXtreme is now live on App-Store. You can download it here. We apologize to our customers and fans for the delay. We submitted the application for Apple’s review over 3 weeks ago. But the review team at Apple took its time to approve the update. Thankfully it is live now. The new update has a number of changes and enhancement. Lets go through a few of them here.

Chrome Cast Support


Support for Chrome Cast was long over due. We got a lot of emails asking us to add support for Chrome Cast. The current update adds support for Chrome Cast. PlayerXtreme provides a button on the player screen that brings up the chrome Cast panel. From this panel you can see a list of available Chrome Cast devices. Once you select a device from this list and connect to it, your movie or music would stream to that Chrome Cast device.





Screenshot support was available in PlayerXtrem before v6.0 however, it was removed from the app when the player UI was changed. We have added the screenshot button again.


Seek Progress when changing video position


When seeking, PlayerXtreme will display the seek progress on the screen. The first number shows the increment/decrement relative to the current position, while the second number in the brackets shows the absolute video time position. This makes it easy to seek to a desired position.


Slowmo videos support added

You can now play slow-mo videos from your camera roll. You can also extract clips from slow-mo videos. The extracted clips would have slow-mo encoded into them.



Other interesting features include

  • Improved Settings options added.
  • Slide show added in PhotoViewer
  • Repeat and Shuffle options are added in Playlist
  • Improved Player gestures.
  • Multiple Video tracks list feature added in Player.

­Bug fixes

  • Fixed Status bar issue on Player Screen
  • Improved App performance and UI tweaks.
  • Other minor bug fixes